The goal of curating learning narratives from schools and educators is to offer a way for educators to learn from each other and connect more widely. This is also an opportunity for the Department to gain awareness of and give some sort of recognition to all the positive things that are happening in our schools.


The narratives are and will be varied – but should all serve as a model that could inspire another school. If it’s helpful, here are some possible categories for stories:

  • Stories about teacher professional learning that really helped
  • Stories about things teachers have done in their classroom related to a specific content area
  • Stories about how schools leverage technology for better communication with students, parents, colleagues, etc.
  • Stories about how the technology is helping students see their progress better because its used to collect evidence of learning over time (making thinking visible).
  • Stories about using technology to help develop conceptual understanding (instead of just procedural knowledge)
  • Stories about using technology to help students create or innovate

If you’re willing to share your story, please visit this site:

Sharing Your Narrative

If you’re looking to view some of the past narratives, please visit this site:

Past Narratives