MLTI Apple Refresh Teacher Leaders

MARTLs are teacher leaders who have been identified by their school as active professional learners who are interested in spreading teacher-to-teacher innovations and who would benefit from joining a facilitated cadre of like-minded peers. The MARTL’s formal responsibility will be to serve as a communication portal between the Apple MLTI Team, the Maine DOE Learning Through Technology Team, and their school community. They will be asked to share regular updates with their schools, including connecting colleagues to resources and highlighting Apple MLTI Professional Learning opportunities, and to be an active participant in regional and statewide conversations and meetings.

MARTL Program Goals/Outcomes:

  • connect the MARTLs to each other as a community
  • connect the MARTLs to resources (people, programs, tools) from Maine and beyond
  • support the work of MARTLs in their classroom
  • support the development of MARTLs into a valued resource to colleagues in their school community
  • see improvement in student learning experiences  (more engaging, purposeful, and effective) due to more thoughtful and rich leveraging of Apple technology

The Program will enable MARTLs to be able to:

  • spread teacher-to-teacher innovations
  • participate in a facilitated cadre of like-minded peers
  • gain awareness of resources and opportunities across Maine and beyond
  • be active professional learners
  • directly support improvements in student learning experiences through more thoughtful and rich leveraging of Apple technology across all schools participating in the 2016 Apple MLTI Refresh

MARTL Resources:

MARTL Webinars

MARTL Spring 2018 Regional Meetings

MARTL Selection Process

For more information, Contact Amanda Nguyen at 207-624-6656 (Office) or 207-441-5757(Cell)